LeakIX user account

Oct 25, 2020 · BloodyShell · 1 min read
LeakIX user account

The index is now limited to the public, we’ll explore the limitations and how you can lift them !

Limit the dump

With over 10K visits per day, handling the load is not a huge deal. It becomes a problem however when someone starts to download ~3M pages in a few hours :


Results are now limited to a period of 2 weeks, 2 weeks ago for non-registered users.

Every registered user gets 20K requests to the site. Should you need more for your research, feel free to contact us !


You can create a LeakIX account or sign-in with LinkedIn for the moment. Others provider will be supported soon.

API users

You can generate an API key in your account settings :


You can use it by adding an api-key http header containing it to your requests.

LeakIX CLI users

Version 0.3.0 has been released and supports API keys through the -k switch.

Spiderfoot users

The latest development version contains support for the new API key and can be found in the master branch

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