Managing resources and alerts

Oct 28, 2020 · BloodyShell · 1 min read
Managing resources and alerts

You can now add real-time monitoring on your resources and get notified by email!

Managing resources

Navigating to My resources will open your resource management page :


We currently support 3 types of resources :

  • Network (represented as an IP or CIDR
  • Domain ( will match *
  • ASN

Resource dashboard

The first advantage of registering your resources is the resource dashboard, which displays a summary of all the recent events linked to them.


3 different event levels are available for filtering, allowing you to prioritize incident response.

Configuring alerts

The second advantage is enabling notifications every time LeakIX finds a service or leak matching your resources.

They can be configured by opening your Alert settings screen :


In here you can select which events should be notified to your primary email address.

By default, all resources will receive alerts when a leak is identified on one of their resources.

We hope it helps in eliminating easy targets from your infrastructure !

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