Releasing LeakIX v2

Oct 6, 2021 · BloodyShell · 1 min read
Releasing LeakIX v2

After weeks of developement and testing we’re proud to announce the release of LeakIX v2 !

Introducing reports

It has always been our target to help voluntary researchers and webmasters keeping the Internet safer.

Next to each result you will now find a “create report” button, letting you start a disclosure process to the involved parties : LeakIX reports

Should you choose to make the report public they’ll be kept of history on our report page : LeakIX reports

The best reporters will make the top and get a chance to enter our Trusted team : LeakIX reports

Revamped search results

  • The search result page now makes better use of the screen space and displays smart filters on the left for a better navigation experience.
  • Results now include hostnames, SSL hosts found, fingerprints (both JARM and LKX).
  • Results now have ( a still optional ) severity ranking.
  • If any ransom note is found in a database, it’ll be displayed.

LeakIX reports

Other improvements

  • Aggregation of leaked event for better results and statistics.
  • New statistics screen
  • OTP protection
  • New plugins, including recent Confluence and Apache CVE


The following people have donated their time and energy to make this release possible :

  • Pritam Dash for reviewing and testing the beta version, as well as beeing the first to report.
  • for the pointers on recent plugins and small advises on UI.
  • BadaaSec for making all of this possible and letting me dream :)

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