LeakIX Firefox Addon

Nov 25, 2021 · BloodyShell · 1 min read
LeakIX Firefox Addon

An experimental Firefox extension for LeakIX has landed !


The extension is currently available on Firefox Destkop.

It can be downloaded from the Mozilla addons directory.


Once installed, a LeakIX icon will be present in the tool bar.

LeakIX reports

It will now check LeakIX.net for every site you visit and report if it finds issue indexed by our engine.

The status can either be :

  • Green, nothing found or informative content
  • Blue, small risk detected
  • Orange, A serious risk has been detected and should be investigated
  • Red, A leak is occuring or a critical software update is missing

The number represent the number of events (minor or major) found for that domain.


We don’t store the domains you’re visiting.


  • PaulSec for creating the original Shodan extension this extension is based on.

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