Introducing LeakIX Graph

Jan 21, 2022 · BloodyShell · 1 min read
Introducing LeakIX Graph

Take a look at our new mapping feature, visualize and make sense of Internet resources in a blink !

Connecting the dots

Using our new graph UI and API allows researchers to give context to resources they’re investigating.

After selecting a resource type (DNS, IPs, ASN…) you can explore a subtree further with the context menu.


  • Remove: will remove the node from the graph
  • Start here: will clear the workspace and start from the selected node
  • Explore: will explore the selected node further and add it to the graph

You can open the menu by clicking (hold) the node for 1 second.

Suggested use cases

  • Identify subdomains
  • Identify IPs and networks used between resources
  • Identify alternate domain listening on asset’s IPs
  • Rule in/out a leak based on connections (eg: Cloudflare, ELB, ect…)
  • Group multiple leak as one source

Built for the future

The switch to a graph database means a better structured backend for our future:

The following changes are planned :

  • Link current search to graph database
  • Switch reporting system to the graph database
  • Allow report contacts filling through graph walk
  • Allow for report escalation to neighborhood nodes ( country CERT, hosting abuse)
  • Deduplication of all events ( including alerts )
  • Better alerting and personal dashboard

Meanwhile, we hope it helps your research !

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